Cattle Farming & Fly Fishing

Also part of our trade at Koeltehuis is cattle farming, a business which trades as Machadostud Cattle Farm in Machadosdorp. The cattle farm operates mainly as a commercial breeder with more than 300 cattle. The total land available for cattle farming is 650 hectares.

Our primary commercial breed is the Bonsmara which has excellent growth and climate adaptability and is also a leading breed for the local beef industry. We also have studs for breeding purposes, the Boran, which is noted for its fertility, as well as the Drakensberger and Brahman.

The farming area is also a fisherman’s paradise. Our dams and weirs in the Swartkoppies stream offer you catch and release waters for rainbow, golden and brown trout fly fishing.

Cattle Farming - Brahman Cattle   Cattle Farming - Brahman Cattle

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